Trust, hard work and confidentiality represent the basis of our success.

We know how competitive the markets are, and we process our clients’ information with great care and confidentiality.

Whatever difficulty we are experiencing during production process, our Louxor team will never give up on any problem, so that we can match our customer expectations.

We do believe the earlier we will get our customer’s trust, the faster we will build up harmonious business relationship together.

Our presence in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Hangzhou makes us flexible and reactive.

We are in the heart of China's most dynamic regions.

Hong Kong 

  Privileged business and high-valued service centre in Asia with “no tax on capital” policy.


  Located 1 hour away from Shanghai, in the centre of the fast developing Zhejiang region. Hangzhou is also very close to the very dynamic Jiangsu and Shandong provinces.


  Located in the booming Guangdong province with numerous factories. 

Above all, this is Louxor men and women who contribute to its growth. We are a multi cultural team composed with highly qualified people from Hong Kong, China and France. We prefer spending time at early stage to fully understand customer needs and expectations before starting to contact local factories.

Our people are specialized in sales, merchandising, quality control, shipping or administration, according to their skills and experience. Our strength is our diversity. 

By browsing Internet, buying in China might look an easy process. However, it requires expertise, time and a lot of language and cultural adjustments.

The success of a project and an order strongly depends on the relationships entertained with local partners but it also requires quick and correct feedback each member of our team will give to any potential difficulties.

Our multi-cultural team with strong knowledge of China will bring its own expertise to reach Louxor three main goals:

  - Delivery on time
  - Answering customer’s specific requirements with the best prices.
  - Complying with all specified norms (EMC, LVD, RoHS, EN-71, etc...).
Thanks to our flexibility in term of time, we can give full satisfaction to our European partners.