Thanks to its 25 years purchasing experience, Louxor is capable to support his customers’ needs from early stage of sourcing up to order processing and after sales service.




Since 25 years, Louxor has maintained an extensive database of reliable and competitive partners in many products ranges. 
For each sourcing, we will :
- Choose a reliable factory.
- Offer the good quality item at competitive cost.
- Guarantee the compliance to the strict Safety European Norms.



The main trade fairs – in Hong Kong and Canton – are organized twice a year in April and October.

During these events, Louxor team accompanies and assists our clients to find new products, meet new suppliers and open opportunities.

After the fairs, our merchandiser compares vendors offers, check the Safety European norms compliance and then sends required quotations to customer. Upon client’s selection, we arrange the samples follow-up.


In coordination with our customers, and after having considered previous inspections history records, a very detailed specifications list, including unit functions, cosmetics and packaging is established.
A Purchase Order mentioning all specifications is issued to the factory and a Proforma Invoice is sent to customer.

Daily telephone follow-up and factory visits before ordering, during production process or at quality control stage help us to handle the order more smoothly. 

Quality Control

This step is the key process of our company. We aggregate whole information on product and prepare an inspection chart following customer expectations, AQL standards, based on our experience of the tested product. Our French engineer helps on technical issues. The merchandiser makes a very detailed briefing to the person in charge of inspection.  Inspections are mainly handled by our Mandarin speaking French inspectors from our three offices and supported by our local team .

A detailed inspection report in French or English is prepared mentioning all tested aspects (functions, cosmetics, packaging..). We sort out all quality problems in 3 categories: minor, major, critical and assess them by proportional rate. We give our advice and solutions, so that our customer can make appropriate decisions. We often go back to factories to check that all solutions have been properly carried out and then send final report to customer for shipment confirmation.

Every new factory is audited before any order confirmation. We visit factory and gather many key data in order to validate the capabilities as well as the potential of the factory. This audit report is sent to customer for his approval.


We extend our service beyond goods shipment and our team is fully committed to assist customers with various after sales issues. This includes maintenance, spare parts, exclusivity issues or new OEM developments.

We’d rather strengthen relationships with our best performing suppliers. Every supplier’s profile and performance are well evaluated and kept as well as all technical, cosmetics or other remarks in our database for easy access in order to facilitate solutions and improve services and products quality.